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December 1, 2022

Working at Carousel

Five reasons why you should come work for Carousel…

Looking for new opportunities?

Maybe you already have the right set of skills and experience within the logistics industry, or maybe it is something that you are eager to add to your portfolio. Either way, there are many great reasons to join us – from the opportunity to touch base with many different sectors to getting the knowledge and training you need in order to grow professionally.

Take a look at our Top 5 to come work for Carousel: 

  1. Exposure to multiple sectors

Working at Carousel means that you will gain experience in multiple sectors. We work with a wide range of industries, from MedTech to agriculture and the automotive industry. Common to these is that they are all time critical – which makes our job extremely important.

  1. A fast-paced environment

Working in a company that specialises in time-critical logistics means that you will experience the dynamics and requirements of a very fast-paced environment, where you will face new challenges on a daily basis. This will also introduce you to great development opportunities, challenging you to optimise your multitasking. If you are open to new responsibilities and development opportunities, Carousel may be the place for you.

  1. Education

Speaking of development opportunities… At Carousel, you will gain access to knowledge and training that will enable you to grow, both professionally and personally. . We offer internal programmes, such as our Development for Growth programme, to support our employees and their ambitions as well as other valuable courses depending on your area of work. We see our employees as the key to our success and providing the opportunity to continuously develop and perform is important to us.

  1. An international environment

Carousel is an international company which means that you will get to experience how it is working across borders. Having locations in multiple parts of the world enables an exciting framework to learn about different cultures and values, which also brings a huge network of opportunities – both locally and internationally.

  1. Growing together to reach our goals

After having merged with DANX in 2022, we are growing together to position ourselves as the European leader within the time-critical logistics space. This makes it a very exciting time to become part of the Carousel team and you get to experience the exciting challenges and benefits that come along with being part of a growing company.

But this is what WE think – visit our blog to meet some of our employees and see what they think. We are always looking for new talents who would like to explore the logistics industry and the opportunities that come with it, so if you are one of them, feel free to get in touch

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