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Do you need a supply chain solution?

From procurement and distribution to transportation, customer delivery, and return logistics, a supply chain solution covers every aspect of distribution and transports. To ensure full efficiency, you require a logistics provider that understands your industry, addresses your challenges, and meets your unique requirements.

The result? Full visibility, control, and coordination throughout the supply chain. If you’re looking for enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, then a supply chain solution will pay dividends.

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Why choose Carousel

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24/7 support & extensive European network

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Fast resolution with 99.8% on time delivery

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In-house customs brokerage

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In-night and linehaul capabilities

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Cost-optimised routing & efficient final mile options

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Reverse logistics & waste disposal

Why Carousel is different

At Carousel, we recognise that every business is different, as well as the crucial stages in its supply chain. Our commitment to every client is based on providing a flexible, fully tailored alternative to what big integrators offer, providing swift, reliable, and scalable solutions that consistently align with your business objectives.

This approach can allow your business to optimise transport modes, split part loads, and manage warehousing options accordingly, but can also provide you with complete visibility across the supply chain, enabling rapid response to disruptions. By partnering with Carousel, you gain a diversified problem-solving approach from time-critical logistics experts that will help you navigate challenges and build more resilience in your supply chain.

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Our key sectors

Every sector brings unique opportunities and requirements. Whether in agriculture, energy, medtech, or industrial logistics, Carousel meets your industry needs and provides you with the competitive advantage to increase your supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.