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What is Industrial logistics?

Spare parts logistics for the industrial sector handles the timely and efficient management of parts essential for the continuous operation of industrial machinery and equipment. Ranging from small to large size machinery parts, each serves a critical role in maintaining productivity. Its specialist logistics must be finely tuned to ensure rapid delivery of spare parts to minimise downtime and prevent disruptions in the production chain.Inventory management strategies must also be tailored to the unique needs of industrial operations, ensuring adequate stock levels while optimising storage space and cost efficiency.

Industrial logistics market priorities

Industrial logistics aims to enhance supply chain efficiency and establish a competitive edge for businesses. The sector’s specific needs and parts call for an expert and tailored approach to ensure a resilient distribution flow across the network. The sector logistics’ core priorities include planning the distribution network, maintaining efficient inventory management, coordinating transportation schedules, ensuring timely and quality product delivery, and optimising resource utilisation to reduce waste.

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Our specialist Industrial logistics solutions

Logistics for the industrial sector presents challenges due to the handling of oversized and heavy items. From managing intricate supply chains, navigating inventory complexities, to addressing transportation constraints, and meeting stringent delivery deadlines, these challenges necessitate meticulous planning, streamlined execution, and seamless collaboration to ensure operational efficiency.

Carousel’s tailored solutions manage every aspect, from collection and storage to transportation coordination and delivery support, adding value along the way. Our specialist experts ensure the secure transport of sensitive components across Europe, offering flexible final mile options tailored to your business and industry needs. Our comprehensive solutions help you improve your operational handling, system integration, and process management.

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Gear up for smoother operations with our extensive range of services
  • Late collection and pre-08.00 am deliveries
  • Dealer and direct to engineer deliveries
  • Dealer to dealer deliveries, when required
  • In-house customs brokerage service
  • Delivery consolidation for large and small parts
  • Tailored and flexible final mile options, even in remote locations
  • Scheduled deliveries for stock
  • Flexibility to scale during seasonal peaks
  • Seamless part returns management
  • End-to-end quality control and data integrity
  • Complete visibility and control