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Environmental impact

Environmental impact

As part of the DANX Carousel Group, a frontrunner in critical spare parts distribution, we acknowledge our responsibility to enhance sustainability and minimise operational emissions. We have undertaken the initiative to lead Europe’s critical service logistics industry in decarbonising
transportation and logistics activities, with a target to reduce emissions by 40% by 2035 and 90% by 2050.

To fulfill this commitment, we will implement several measures. These include improving the efficiency of our transportation networks through fuel substitutions and product replacements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will also conduct regular monitoring and reporting of our emissions to ensure continuous improvement.

Social responsibility

Our mission is driving positive change by actively engaging with and including our employees and our local communities across Europe. Employees wellbeing and safety, along with that of our partners, are paramount to us. We consistently improve safety measures, offer ADR courses, conduct yearly engagement surveys, and address stress-related absences.

We value diversity as an essential principle for a strong workforce and organisation, committing to gender equality while promoting equal access to learning and development opportunities that support our employees’ growth.

Through the DANX Carousel Foundation, we give back to communities whose projects are aligned with our values of ownership, learning, and caring, making a meaningful impact in the areas we serve.

Social responsibility


As leaders in critical service logistics, we recognise that good corporate governance is key. Accountability, integrity, and transparency are not just values we hold dear, but fundamental principles that guide our sustainable business practices.

As part of DANX Carousel, we adhere to governance requirements and sustainability commitments, regularly
checking and auditing procedures to uphold regulatory and legal obligations.

Our Board of Directors conducts thorough reviews to ensure full visibility and strategic risk management, promoting compliance and integrity across all operations. Find out more on our policies page.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 agenda forSustainable Development, providing a shared blueprint for global peace and prosperity. Aligned with our ESG programme, DANX Carousel has committed to the UN GlobalCompact, focusing on five of the 17 Sustainable DevelopmentGoals where we believe we can make a meaningful impact.

sustainability goals
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Goal 3 Good health and wellbeing

We conduct annual engagement surveys to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement, and hold initiatives targeting stress reduction and stress management capabilities. We educate to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

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Goal 4 Quality education

We prioritise equal access to education and career development for all employees, investing in both internal and external training plans, such as our Development for Growth programme, and supporting learning initiatives in local communities through our DANX Carousel Foundation.

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Goal 5 Gender equality

We are committed to promoting diversity and gender equality, aiming to increase female representation to5% in leadership roles and 2% among all employees by the end of 2024, and actively participating in the UN’s target gender equality accelerator programme to achieve this goal.

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Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities

We support our local communities through the DANX Carousel Foundation, encouraging learning and education for employees, their families, partners, and the wider logistics industry. We also promote humanitarian engagement by allowing employees to donate one workday per year to charitable causes.

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Goal 13

We are committed to reducing emissions by:

  • Measuring CO2 emissions yearly
  • Adopting SAF (Sustainable Air Fuel) for flights
  • Increasing biodiesel usage in road transport
  • Deploying more electric vehicles for citywide deliveries
  • Maintaining ISO 14001 standards
Danx Carousel Foundation

DANX Carousel Foundation

In 2023, we launched the DANX Carousel Foundation with the core objective of extending our impact beyond our immediate operations. Through strategic partnerships, charitable initiatives, and community outreach programmes, the foundation aims to make the difference and ultimately foster sustainable growth and progress for all stakeholders involved.

Making a difference together by building stronger communities

The purpose

The DANX Carousel Foundation wishes to champion initiatives aligned with our core values of Ownership, Learning, and Caring, with a special focus on the latter two. Our foundation serves as a dedicated platform for channeling resources, expertise, and efforts towards initiatives that prioritise the wellbeing and development of our employees, as well as the broader communities we are a part of.

outdoor community
learning and development

Learning and development

We prioritise learning and development as key components of our company ethos, aiming to provide equal access to valuable opportunities for all employees.Through the DANX Carousel Foundation, we invest in both internal and external training, supporting our workforce as well as professionals connected to our employees or the logistics industry, supporting growth and skill development within our broader community. Learn more about the foundation’s external talent endorsement on DANX Carousel’s website.

Community support and donations

As a leading European logistics specialist, we are committed to sponsoring our local communities and nurturing our workforce. the DANX Carousel Foundation champions charitable causes and community projects aligned with our value of ‘Caring’ and our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Each year, the foundation carefully selects a major charity partner to further its mission of promoting diversity, inclusion, and positive social impact.

Moreover, we enable our employees to engage directly with charitable causes important to them by encouraging them to dedicate one workday to their charity of choice every year.

Funding application

How to apply for funds

The DANX Carousel Foundation, led by its elected Board, meets quarterly to select new projects and charities. Funds are released every January, April, July, and October. External applicants require sponsorship from a DANX Carousel employee.

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