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What is MHE logistics?

Material handling equipment logistics is tailored to the unique needs of businesses reliant on efficient material handling processes, involving the specialised transportation, storage, and distribution of equipment used for handling materials within industrial settings. From forklifts and conveyors, to cranes and pallet jacks, the complex machinery involved requires expert knowledge throughout the whole distribution flow, ensuring the efficient management and inventory of aftermarket parts to support ongoing operations.

MHE logistics market priorities

In the fast-paced landscape of material handling equipment logistics, priorities revolve around optimising efficiency, minimising downtime, and ensuring seamless operations at all times. From timely delivery of equipment and spare parts for fast repairs to efficient maintenance scheduling and inventory management, the focus is on keeping operations running smoothly no matter the circumstances.

Safety and compliance are paramount, requiring strong processes and strict protocols along the distribution chain. Damage and loss can be costly, therefore every stage of the supply chain must also be quick and seamless in reverse, allowing parts to be checked and restocked to inventory promptly, improving stock management, while freeing up engineers’ time.

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Our specialist MHE logistics solutions

MHE manufacturers have exceptionally large-scale, complex distribution requirements, as their products are integral to day-to-day operations for engineers, customers and dealers across thousands of sites, in both urban and remote locations. As Materials Handling Equipment logistics specialists, we can accommodate these needs.

Thanks to our extensive experience with time-critical parts distribution, we can create purpose-built solutions to help you tackle your most immediate logistical challenges. Carousel specialises in critical service logistics, proud to support some of the biggest MHE companies in the world. We offer end-to-end, linehaul, and final-mile solutions acrossEurope. This means your engineers, dealers, and end customers will always have access to exactly what they need, precisely when and where they need it.

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Carefully handling your logistics with our extensive range of services
  • Late collection and pre-08:00 am deliveries
  • Dealer and direct to engineer deliveries
  • Dealer to dealer deliveries, when required
  • In-house customs brokerage service
  • Delivery consolidation for large and small parts
  • Tailored and flexible final mile options, even in remote locations
  • Scheduled deliveries for stock
  • Flexibility to scale during seasonal peaks
  • Seamless part returns management
  • End-to-end quality control and data integrity
  • Complete visibility and control