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Flexible routing, fast deliveries

As a vital component of supply chain operations, linehaul services offer shippers flexibility in moving spare parts efficiently. With different linehaul options available throughout Europe, the choice of transport mode depends on the shipment’s delivery priority versus its transportation cost. With our expertise in domestic and international linehaul, we strive to optimise transportation routes, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency for our clients with fast, timely deliveries.

Leveraging both road and air fleets, our intermodal approach ensures flexibility and reliability in delivering spare parts across Europe with the extra care and specialist knowledge required for your shipments. Whether you need long-distance transportation, scheduled, or ad-hoc linehaul services, we are here to make it happen every time, taking care of cross-border processes for you. Explore our linehaul services and discover how we can help streamline your spare parts logistics operations today.

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Why choose Carousel?

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Reliable distribution

Seamless and precise distribution & customs clearance operations

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Fast & flexible transit times

Late collection time and pre-8:00am delivery with a wide range
of final mile options

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Expert handling

Specialist care for any size,
weight and value spare parts

Find out how we can design the perfect linehaul solution to fit your business requirements

Our key sectors

Every sector brings unique opportunities and requirements. Whether in agriculture, energy, medtech, or industrial logistics, Carousel meets your industry needs and provides you with the competitive advantage to increase your supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.