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Maximising efficiency through returns management

Implementing a robust returns management system allows your business to streamline outbound and inbound shipments which, in turn, maximises supply chain efficiency. We know the impact a poor returns service can have on your operations, and that’s why we take a holistic approach to design the perfect returns solution for your business. We focus on making your returns management simple while offering you more speed and control.Via our returns Gateway® App, simplify your shipment paperwork and minimise touchpoints.

Our app will help you reduce the time spare parts spend in the field, enabling a faster return to stock. Choose between letting us handle all inbound enquiries or making a pre-qualifying call to the sender before collection for added accuracy. If you wish to directly manage specific data or individual reports to overview your stock and customer’s behaviours, we can also provide you with the tailored support you need.

Why choose Carousel?


Optimised stock inventory

Full visibility on returns trends to avoid costly stockpiling practices, while maximising warehousing space

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Pre-inspection service

Get your spare parts inspected by our expert teams before processing your returns

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Expert handling

Specialist care for any size, weight and value spare parts

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Cross-border service

In-house customs clearance for faster transfers

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Waste management

We help you making your spare parts cycle more sustainable

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Easy returns

Take advantage of our returns app for your requests on the go

Find out how we can design the perfect returns solution to fit your business requirements

Our key sectors

Every sector brings unique opportunities and requirements. Whether in agriculture, energy, medtech, or industrial logistics, Carousel meets your industry needs and provides you with the competitive advantage to increase your supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.