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At Carousel, we believe that having an engaged team is the key to success. It is our responsibility to provide our employees with the best circumstances to redeem their potential. Investing in our dedicated people is something we see as vital when it comes to strengthening our workforce and becoming successful together.

With Learning being one of our core values Our values, we see it as important that we provide the best learning and development opportunities for our employees – so they get the best conditions to thrive and contribute to the DANX Carousel Group’s continued growth and success.

We therefore offer both internally developed training programmes as well as external ones.

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DANX Carousel Logistics Academy

After merging with DANX Group in 2022, we have launched our DANX Carousel Logistics Academy. The Academy is our learning universe where we offer a variety of training and development programmes, targeting different needs at different stages of your career – both online and face to face. It includes a comprehensive catalogue of education and training opportunities that ranges from a fundamental portfolio available for everyone, to specialised training in order to meet the specific needs of each role. It is built on three main pillars:

  • Internal Learning: Featuring tailor-made workshops, courses and development programmes, internally developed and facilitated
  • External Learning: Carefully selected external courses, seminars and continuing education
  • Online courses: Providing various training materials through an online learning platform accessible to all employees

We are always open to the needs of our people and will be able to fund additional external training when needed. As part of an individual development plan, we agree on specific needs and find the right solution for the individual employee – always aiming to provide the best circumstances for personal and professional growth.

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Development for Growth

Another essential aspect of our efforts within learning and development is our Development for Growth programme, an internally developed programme for junior and middle managers at DANX Carousel. It provides participants with the skills and tools needed to be successful in current and future roles. It includes four modules that stretch over 12 months and is facilitated by internal and external development experts. The focus of the programme is to challenge the participants’ own beliefs and get them out of their comfort zone where we believe that learning really takes place. It is a highly interactive development programme and touches upon different areas that are vital to know when performing in a management role at the DANX Carousel Group.

Some of the areas that you will touch upon when participating in the programme include the following:

  • Management tools, leadership values and leadership style
  • Knowledge of customers, sales, and supply chain Management of projects, strategy, change and career planning
  • Understanding of support and business functions
  • Linking participants’ skills to best business practices
  • Increasing participant visibility to the wider organisation and networking opportunities.

If this sounds interesting to you, then get in touch to learn more below or have a look at our open positions.

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