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Specialist logistics for a sustainable future

Trusted by industry-leading automotive providers, we understand and navigate the complexities of handling, transporting, and storing EV batteries with precision and expertise.Carousel offers safe, efficient, and fully compliant battery logistics solutions designed to address the complexities of your battery supply chain.

From intermodal routing to flexible final mile options and returns management, our dedicated services cover your batteries logistics from source to consumer. We ensure seamless coordination with all stakeholders in your supply chain, including clients, shippers, consignees, and field engineers, to guarantee safe and secure handling at every stage. Count on our dedicated Battery Logistics team, comprised of seasoned pan-European specialists and expert transport and dangerous goods managers, to provide robust support tailored to your unique needs and challenges.


Why choose Carousel?

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Dedicated transportation

We deliver, exchange, recall, or replace your Green-,Yellow-, or Red-state batteries

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Secure warehousing

We store, transport, and consolidate EV batteries in our warehouses providing serialised reports for recycling, refurbishment or disposal

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Special packaging

For Red-state batteries, available on standby, pay-per-use, or dedicated rental basis to ensure compliance with required standards

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Safety guaranteed

We are fully compliant with the highest European, Country or Region-wide standards, managing all logistics challenges for you

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Dealership & technician training

To ensure safe handling and transportation of EV batteries

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Red-state batteries

EU-complaint custom transportation and packaging for red-state batteries

Find out how we can design the perfect customs brokerage solution to fit your business requirements

Need a specialist, end-to-end
Automotive solution?

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Combine our advanced EV battery services with sector-specific spare parts solutions designed exclusively for the automotive industry. Discover how our integrated approach can optimize your operations and drive efficiency.

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Our key sectors

Every sector brings unique opportunities and requirements. Whether in agriculture, energy, medtech, or industrial logistics, Carousel meets your industry needs and provides you with the competitive advantage to increase your supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.