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June 26, 2024

New Trade Agreement: Important updates for parcels moving between GB and NI under the Windsor Framework

Businesses shipping between Great Britain (GB), Northern Ireland (NI), and the European Union (EU) should be aware that the Windsor Framework, a new trade agreement, introduces important updates to parcel movements that will affect many businesses operating across these regions.

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What’s changing

Effective from the 30th of September 2024 additional data requirements will be implemented for parcels moving from GB to NI, with requirements depending on whether the shipments are Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C).

Under the new regulations, a detailed description of each item in your shipment will now be mandatory. This includes providing the weight, value, and country of origin for each item. These changes are aimed at increasing transparency and ensuring smoother customs processes, reducing the risk of delays.

For B2B senders, the new framework introduces a distinction between goods based on their destination within NI, classifies as “green lane” and “red lane” shipments.


Green lane shipments

Goods destined to stay within NI can use the “green lane” under the UK Internal Market Scheme (UKIMS). This scheme simplifies customs procedures for such goods, reducing the administrative burden on businesses. To take advantage of the green lane, businesses must review the scheme’s guidelines and register for a UKIMS number with the UK government as soon as possible. This number will be essential for the customs declaration process. You will need to provide this number and declare the holder as the importer to Carousel by the 1st of August 2024. If you do not have a UKIMS number but are sending goods to a business recipient in NI who has one, simply forward this information to request their UKIMS number.


Red lane shipments

B2B goods considered “at risk” of leaving NI will fall under the “red lane” category, requiring a full international dataset for customs declaration. These shipments will also incur EU duty charges. For businesses planning to use a deferment account linked to their NI EORI number for these charges, authorisation will need to be given to Carousel to apply these charges to the account.


Carousel, your trusted partner

With these changes on the horizon, it is crucial for businesses to act now to ensure compliance and avoid any disruptions.

Navigating through regulations may seem daunting, but rest assured, Carousel is here to support you every step of the way. With extensive experience in managing procedural and customs changes, we are well-equipped to keep your shipments on track.

We will continue to provide updates and detailed guidance as the implementation date approaches, ensuring a smooth transition under the Windsor Framework.


Need more information?

For further details, visit the UK Government website or contact our team. We are committed to helping you understand and comply with these new regulations, making sure your business continues to operate smoothly and efficiently no matter the circumstances.

Together, let’s ensure a seamless transition and continued success in shipping between GB and NI under the Windsor Framework.

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