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aftermarket spare parts logistics

New research reveals the key to aftermarket success

New research reveals the key to aftermarket success

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest white paper entitled ‘Aftermarket, not afterthought: Achieving success in your spare parts logistics.’

Aftermarket shouldn't be an after-thought

  • The aftermarket logistics industry is in a period of rapid change, with high customer expectations and a greater emphasis being placed on often critical and fast-paced demands. Though an attractive source of high margin revenue and a critical contributor to a company’s financial performance, many businesses are failing to get their aftermarket services right and to find a provider that truly meets their needs. Critical factors contributing to this are outlined within the white paper and include:
    • The growing importance being placed on customer experience
    • The rise of consumerism,  driving up B2B expectations
    • Poor communication and its impact on supply chain management
    • An end to the ‘standard’ aftermarket supply chain; requirements are now dependent on each organisation, their operations and customer need.

    Responding to these, the white paper – commissioned by Carousel and compiled by leading business intelligence and market analysis company Analytiqa – examines what major companies consider to be the biggest challenges in aftermarket and offers practical advice on what logistics providers should do to address these.  Analytiqa gathered the insight after interviewing senior supply chain and aftermarket executives at organisations leading the industrial, energy, aerospace, medical, agriculture and technology sectors.

    Commenting on the white paper’s insights, Graham Martin, CEO at Carousel says: 

    “The customer is now, more than ever, one of the most important factors in all successful businesses and this step-change means that there is a real opportunity for organisations to distinguish themselves through customer experience. Aftermarket service plays a strategic role in increasingly customer-orientated supply chains however our research shows that providers are not always getting it right and there are key areas where improvements could still be made.

    “Our latest white paper is all about identifying these missed opportunities and giving real insight into how market-leading businesses measure and manage services supporting their aftermarket proposition. Being prepared now is essential for ensuring future success, so organisations need to keep a close eye on whether their logistic providers are capitalising on these opportunities and if not, we strongly encourage them to action before it’s too late.”

    Mark O’Bornick, Director at Analytiqa, which compiled the report, says:

    “The aftermarket sector is changing dramatically due to the growing importance of individual customer need. It is clear from the research we have conducted however that service delivery levels have plateaued, and yet in order for organisations to keep their competitive advantage, they need to deliver exceptional customer service, or risk failure in the future.”

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