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March 21, 2023

Spare parts logistics for the agriculture sector: commitment beyond service

Our partnership with CLAAS was born to meet manufacturers and farmers’ requirements in maintaining a reliable and efficient flow of spare parts. By offering the highest level of flexibility, from late collection and early morning deliveries to seamless returns and tailored final mile options, Carousel and CLAAS work together to create dynamic solutions with efficiency in mind.

Watch the video to find out more about our dependable process.

Our partnership mission with CLAAS

Time-critical logistics in the agriculture sector requires a fast response to all requests, especially as harvesting cycles cannot be paused or delayed. The prompt delivery of machine parts is critical for every farmer, and any delay can significantly impact productivity and profitability. We provide CLAAS with an agile spare parts solution that aims to minimise downtime and maintain high performance.

Our goal is to enhance efficiency, preventing any disruption in the time-critical farm-working cycle. The success of our solutions comes from the value-added approach at every step of the logistics process.

Here are five ways we help manufacturers like CLAAS and farmers thrive.

Advance seasonal operations: The seasonality of agricultural operations leads to extremely busy periods and machinery in high demand. Our tailored supply chain for CLAAS ensures spare parts are available when they are most needed, which means farming equipment can be repaired and maintained without financial or productivity implications caused by downtime.

Territory coverage: As an integral part of a tailored end-to-end solution, we offer coverage even in remote areas where agricultural operations may take place. We ensure that the necessary components arrive on time, wherever farmers need them across Europe. Our dynamic routing offers a comprehensive range of final mile options, from boot to PUDOs (Pickup & Drop-off) or FSLs (forward stock location). Furthermore, our own air network provides rapid access to key areas of Europe not easily reachable by road. With late departures from crucial industrial areas and swift handovers at entry points, our dedicated handling staff facilitates the whole operation.

Boost cost efficiency: We deliver spare parts around the clock, helping reduce the cost of repairs and minimising the cost of equipment downtime. Our night and day services provide flexible late collections and early delivery options to accommodate engineers and dealers, strictly dependent on products and parts delivered on time to optimise and increase equipment uptime.

Customs Brokerage: Whether it’s import or export requirements, we offer an extensive range of multimodal freight services that can be tailored to each specific circumstance. With a dedicated team of in-house experts, we run operational customs clearance in all UK ports with a CCS Export Badge, managing full import and export declarations, CFSP and EIDR.

Deliver tailored solutions: Together Carousel and CLAAS commit to crafting solutions specific to their customers’ situation and requirements, guaranteeing expert support, flexible options, and a reliable network to respond quickly to every need, without compromise. We offer 360-degree visibility on shipments, thanks to our own tracking platform Gateway®, by simplifying goods consolidation processes and full tracking from a single system interface.

The close collaboration between Carousel and CLAAS is what makes every solution a success. Our combined expertise and ongoing commitment to providing reliable yet responsive service are the foundations of our operations. We put our customers’ requirements first and adapt to enhance their efficiencies.


Picking the perfect time-critical logistics provider for agriculture spare parts

If you’re considering choosing a time-critical logistics provider for your spare parts, here are some extra tips to help make the right choice. When it comes to time-critical logistics, the supplier’s commitment must go beyond the service itself. Continual support and reliable, are key to delivering an outstanding experience from start to finish.

That’s why partnering with us, as a logistics provider that brings specialist-sector expertise, will make a difference, and generate the following advantages:

  1. Improved efficiency: A reliable logistics provider can streamline your supply chain, reducing lead times, minimising errors and maximising on-time delivery rates.
  2. Cost savings: By optimising routes, consolidating shipments, and developing efficient planning, a good logistics provider can help make full use of existing resources and keep extra handling and storage at a minimum.
  3. Increased flexibility: A responsive logistics provider can adapt to changes in the supply chain and quickly respond to unexpected events or spikes in demand.
  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Timely, accurate deliveries improve customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.
  5. Reduced risk: A trusted logistics provider can help mitigate risks such as goods loss or damage, customs issues, or shipping errors due to a lack of consistent quality control processes.

See how we can tailor a solution to your business requirements for critical service logistics