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Outsourcing in technical engineering


Our client is a leading global manufacturer of breathing and protection equipment, gas detection and analysis systems. Fire and rescue services and authorities all across the world rely on it to deliver safety.

Objective and brief

Due to the nature of our client’s products, and its high consequence of failure, it wanted to take its exceptional level of service and make it better. It also wanted to remove its multi-carrier, multi-contact and multi-management approach. The aim was to make invoicing simple and reduce the complexities of shipping these types of products which traditionally have complicated paperwork.

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Our approach

We worked with existing carriers to understand the strength of existing systems and then overlaid a specialist network and Carousel’s unique technology to truly personalise the customer service offering.

This involved innovation across the business; looking at how it managed their hazardous shipments, completed paperwork and how they ensured they were compliant. We also looked at the way they communicated with existing carriers with an aim to make the solution proactive, not reactive.

We also worked with the client to integrate our in-house technologies with its existing SAP system, enabling us to route every order and produce carrier-specific labels. Outcomes included:

  • Single system, with multi carrier label technology
  • Personalised account manager that understood the nuances and needs of the client
  • Creation of packing station software that produced all paperwork prior to dispatch
  • Carrier labels created at source
  • Client and engineers notified by SMS or email
  • Automatic production of paperwork for hazardous consignments
  • Reduction in manual admin and management time
  • Reduction in opportunity for human error

As part of the remit we also tackled the security difficulties associated with delivery to locations such as colleges and fire stations. To combat this, we only used specialist partners and even up-skilled staff about hazardous handling to ensure compliance.

The result

We were not only able to meet the brief, but exceed it.

Key achievements include:

  • Fast and accurate reporting on every shipment
  • One system, one contact, one invoice
  • Ability to self-invoice
  • Reduce in delayed deliveries and improved service
  • Improvement in accuracy of hazardous documentation, reducing risk from legal compliance
  • Streamlined processes using our 4C technology
  • Improved efficiencies at pack benches.

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