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June 13, 2021

Jungheinrich Portugal appoints Carousel logistics and reaps benefits of innovative in-boot delivery network

Carousel Logistics, is pleased to announce its appointment by Jungheinrich Portugal – the Portuguese subsidiary of Hamburg-based Jungheinrich AG.

The world-leading material-handling equipment manufacturer has selected Carousel for its time-critical in-night and final mile deliveries across Portugal, utilising the provider’s innovative in-boot delivery service.

Jungheinrich’s newly-launched in-night service sees Carousel delivering time-critical parts and products, pre- 7am, directly into the van/boot of a service technician. Goods will arrive less than 24hrs after the order was placed, prior to the start of the working day. Jungheinrich say Carousel’s enhanced service offering removes the complexities associated with the last mile delivery stage; helping to guarantee the availability of parts to engineers.

More about the solution

Parts and products arrive each night by air, direct from Germany, and are then injected seamlessly into Carousel’s final mile network on arrival. Goods are distributed directly into technicians’ vans, which are pinpoint located by GPS trackers and accessed with a master key. With parts already in the van prior to the working day, engineers do not waste time picking up parts before heading out to see customers.

The solution covers the entire of mainland Portugal.

Benefits of the solution

Since the go-live in August 2020, Jungheinrich Portugal has already seen a significant increase in the efficiency of its engineer network, due to a reduction in mileage and travel time required to collect parts. It is estimated that Carousel’s solution has brought an additional 10%-15% in total ‘up-time’ for technicians, providing more time for engineers to be out visiting customers, responding to requests and minimising machine down-time.

The availability rate of Jungheinrich parts is now thought to exceed 98%, helping to boost the productivity of technicians, while a drop in fuel and toll costs has driven down operational costs and supported in a reduction in the environmental footprint of the company.

Commenting on the new partnership, Mário Reis, director of Jungheinrich Portugal’s after-sales service, says: “Carousel’s innovative solution is integral to our proposition; allowing us to get parts to engineers faster and meet changing customer demand with ease. This in turn helps minimise the downtime of equipment, provide a faster customer response and ultimately improve the efficiency of our customers’ operation. Today’s appointment demonstrates our continued investment in service delivery, and in driving best-practice in the industry.

“Having worked with Carousel in Spain, we’ve been very pleased with the partnership and its outcomes. During this time, they have already proven their exceptional level of service, as well as their enhanced network of services; that is the reason for us selecting them as our lead partner in Portugal.”

Country Director Ramon Aragones from Carousel Iberia, says “Delivery time is one of the most critical factors in this industry, because of the huge impact it has on the productivity of a customer’s operation. As a specialist in service-logistics, Carousel and Jungheinrich are well-matched in our partnership, because we both understand the value a fast and flexible delivery can bring to the end customer.

“Our fast air-cargo options, combined with the flexibility our final mile services, ensure Jungheinrich meets the high levels of service that both they, and their end customers, demand. We’re thrilled to be extending our relationship with Jungheinrich and supporting them as they continue to grow.”

Carousel Iberia is located in Barcelona, Spain and the company continues to extend its  final mile services across Spain and Portugal. To find out more about our services or to receive all the latest updates from Carousel email us at

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