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November 26, 2022

Five minutes with: Mark Williams, Site and Fleet Manager

“Carousel has been a great place to progress my career”

Personal development is often something people chase their entire career, and it is just one of the reasons why it remains high on the agenda of so many businesses. Engaging teams is important because they perform better and Carousel, part of the DANX Carousel group, is incredibly proud of the development solutions we offer our employees, among them our Development for Growth programme. Here we talk to a colleague at Carousel who has said yes to all the great development opportunities he has been offered and is steadily rising through the ranks.

Mark Williams, Site and Fleet Manager, began his career at Carousel 14 years ago, joining as part of an acquisition, but has since experienced tremendous development both professionally and personally.

But how has he been able to achieve this development, as well as stay motivated, through many years at the same company?


A great place to develop

Having been part of Carousel for many years, Mark has seen the company develop rapidly – becoming bigger and bigger each year. According to him, this fast-growth journey has afforded him a lot of opportunities – that he otherwise wouldn’t have had – and as a result, the company has been a great place for him to develop.

“Being part of a company that is on a fast-growth journey has been a great asset for my career development and given me loads of opportunities. I began as a Warehouse Operative where I did a range of different warehouse tasks. Then, I got promoted to Warehouse Team Leader and, since then, I’ve looked after the whole warehouse operation. I then had the opportunity to get my Transport Manager qualifications, enabling me to look after a fleet of vehicles. Having gained many new skills during my time at Carousel, I know the company is passionate about continuously developing its teams.”

A workplace that invests and rewards

Besides having been with Carousel on a long growth journey – that is still going strong – another reason for Mark’s development is, according to him, the fact that Carousel invests and believes in the people coming to work for them. He describes it as a workplace where you have endless possibilities, if you have the right mindset:

“From my experience, if you put work and effort in, the possibilities are endless. Carousel often recruits from within, so if you come into the workplace with the right mentality, you can achieve whatever you want. There are possibilities for everyone.”

Another thing Mark highlights is the focus on rewarding and recognizing employees for their hard work. Mark has won several staff awards and a couple of years ago he won one that he is particularly proud of – the award of ‘Value Champion’ which is given to one employee annually. It is given to an individual who embodies all the values in Carousel, and the recognition is something that means a lot to Mark:

“Recognition is so important. It makes you want to achieve more and put more effort in as well. It is very motivating and something Carousel has been good at throughout the years – remembering to recognize people for their hard work and never taking it for granted. This particular award also means a little extra to me, because it was my colleagues who voted for me – so I am very proud of that one.”


Why choose Carousel as your workplace?

Having been able to progress his career and develop in Carousel, Mark sees it as a great place for anyone to start a career within logistics. According to him, Carousel is the right place if you want a varied job that provides great opportunities, as well as a close bond with your colleagues.

“Besides the great opportunities, the relationship you get with your coworkers within this company is also amazing. Everyone knows each other well, through all levels, and everyone gets along. Everyone wants each other to succeed too. And having that ethos throughout the business really makes coming to work feel really worthwhile.”

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