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March 8, 2023

Five minutes with: Lucy Robson, Project Manager

“Being able to affect and enable change is something that really motivates me about my job”

Working within logistics means that you will get to work on a lot of different projects in a highly dynamic environment. There are new and exciting projects going on in all aspects of the business and always new things to learn. But how does it feel to manage projects within the industry?

Lucy Robson, Project Manager at DANX Carousel group, has been part of the company since 2020, and to her, project management is all about structure, prioritisation, and being persistent – and then it is also a good way to kick-off your career!

Read along to learn more about Lucy’s time at DANX Carousel so far.

How Lucy ended up in the industry 

The road to becoming a project manager in DANX Carousel was filled with coincidences for Lucy. After having studied chemistry at the university and working in a lab for a while, she felt the need to work in a more dynamic environment and ended up at a logistics company on a graduate scheme:

“I started out working in the warehouse in the project management team in a support role and I really enjoyed the fast-paced environment and a lot happened during the three months I was there. I feel like the logistics industry is quite unknown to many people, which is a shame because it is so rewarding and comes with a lot of opportunities”.

The project management lifestyle

When working as a project manager you go through different stages depending on the project – and every day is quite different as you need to address different challenges during the project. This is especially something Lucy enjoys:

“I enjoy the whole aspect of project management, from the beginning where you have a workshop to figure out how you can achieve the business case, to the Go Live when you have to put changes in place and execute. There’s a middle part that can be a bit frustrating, and you will come up against barriers that you have to overcome. But it is very satisfying when you overcome these and reach the end of the project which is the Go Live which is high adrenalin, high stakes and long hours. So, there’s sort of three stages when managing projects and I like the flow of it.”

She continues…

“I also enjoy the people aspect of it. I get to work with a lot of different people and build different relationships across the business which I think is really important.”

Managing projects that enable positive change

As a project manager, you are naturally juggling different projects at once. One of the areas that Lucy is managing is, amongst others, the ESG initiatives that the business is engaging in. And this is inevitably an area where you can enable change:

“I think ESG is not only important for humanity as a whole and having an effect on climate change and corporate responsibility, but it is also important for commercial opportunities and being able to offer a sustainable solution and attract talent. The ESG area is where you can really make a positive change, not only to the company itself, but also to the environment and society the company is engaging with. Being part of that and being able to affect and enable positive change is something that really motivates me about the job. And this also applies to the other projects I am managing.”

Getting exposure to new challenges and opportunities

When asked what she likes about working at DANX Carousel, Lucy is not in doubt:

“The people and the opportunities. I know a lot of people have started doing one thing and then tried something else and the business believed in them and gave them the opportunity. And I certainly feel like I’ve had a lot of opportunities at a high-level to get me exposure”.

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