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February 23, 2021

Regaining the initiative in 2021

The last 12 months have focused our minds in so many ways, personally and professionally. Never before have our fears of being left behind been so acute – in our education, in our careers, in our life experiences. We have hit a massive pause button, yet never before have the principles of evolution and adaptation been more relevant in business strategy. Boards are torn between cautious operational risk management and a world of accelerating uncertainty and disruption.

For most of us, a relevant, forward-looking customer proposition is the only way to avoid being left behind. In the world of service logistics, we have seen trusted global businesses overly exposed to devolved sourcing models and disaggregated, disjointed supply chains. In too many cases, the end customer is the last stop on a complex journey littered with many unconnected components and points of failure. Service logistics specialists can regain the initiative by thinking boldly:

Rethink service – The old world of products is moving at speed to a world of services built around customer needs and changing behaviours. Rigid traditional logistics networks designed for basic transactions with multiple breakpoints are compromised. Service logistics is about measurable events, a unified supply chain system that puts the end customer back at the top of the food chain.

Goodbye to analog – As global restrictions continue into 2021, now is not the time to pause or accept the status quo, but to innovate and digitalise service: customer-first, data-led, thriving on knowledge to deliver personalised, dynamic and evolving experiences. At Carousel, we are investing in resilient, uncompromising logistics networks knitted together digitally for visibility and control.

Stronger together – The world of service demands true collaboration, a partnership that transforms traditional cost centres into value creation functions. The service logistics partner of the future is an extension of a global business; the hands, eyes and ears beyond the factory gate or warehouse to deliver personalised and precise experiences that customers need today and expect tomorrow.

Like many sectors, service logistics is seeing a decade of change in consumer habits and customer expectations condensed into the last 12 months. Rigid, traditional logistics networks with out-moded technology and multiple unconnected, often invisible points of failure are compromising global supply chains. Truly connected service logistics solutions are proving their worth: adaptive, dynamic, knowledge-based systems focused on the end customer. Service logistics specialists willing to invest in the future will thrive!

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