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Carousel cuts downtime for MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Truck-Bus

Carousel streamlines spare parts delivery for MAN Truck & Bus, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency 

The challenge

MAN Truck & Bus (MAN) in the UK & Ireland faced a pressing challenge: delays in critical spare part deliveries. These delays had a domino effect, significantly impacting their dealers’ network and leading to costly downtime for the end customer. Every minute a truck was off the road meant lost revenue and disrupted schedules for all parts involved. 

Moreover, the productivity of all network’s expecting sites was compromised, causing further inefficiencies and frustration. 

The existing logistics solutions weren’t working, lacking the speed, real-time visibility to monitor shipments, and the necessary customisation to offer flexibility to meet the very specific needs of MAN’s customers. 

A Mechanics with merchandiser checking products availibility

Carousel's solution

Believing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, Carousel offered a different perspective, that was tailored to address MAN’s unique situation. 

Carousel Logistics collaborated with MAN (what dept. in MAN)  to completely redefine their spare parts delivery network, carefully analysing MAN’s supply chain setup, identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. 

Carousel developed a time-critical solution that elevated MAN’s entire spare parts delivery network, based on several key elements: 

  • Daily multiple collections: Frequent pickups ensured parts were quickly retrieved from MAN’s facilities, eliminating unnecessary delays, and ensuring parts were on their way to dealerships as soon as possible. 
  • Combined transport: A blend of chartered aircraft and road linehaul movements shortened delivery time while increasing cost-efficiency. 
  • By:NIGHT delivery: Overnight deliveries further minimised downtime for MAN dealers, meaning that repairs could begin the very morning parts were received, drastically reducing ‘out of service’ delays. 
  • Dedicated control tower: Carousel’s Gateway system offered MAN and its dealers full visibility of shipments throughout their journey, enabling informed and prompt decision making at every stage. 
  • In-house customs brokerage: Carousel’s team took care of customs clearance directly, ensuring smooth and stress-free border crossings between the UK and EU. 


The impact of Carousel’s solution spread from operations to MAN’s end customers. Faster parts availability meant quicker repairs and minimised disruption. 

  • Reduced lead times: Carousel’s solution slashed delivery lead times by up to 24 hours, reducing downtime for MAN customers. 
  • Enhanced dealer experience: Faster deliveries improved the efficiency of MAN’s dealer network, allowing them to serve customers with greater speed. 
  • Improved customer service: Faster parts availability translated to quicker repairs and minimised disruptions for MAN’s end customers. 
MAN staff at work wearing PPE mask

Key takeaways

Carousel’s solution is a clear example of how collaboration and customised planning can help creating the best logistics solutions. By prioritising MAN’s specific requirements, Carousel delivered its promise of boosted efficiency with: 

  • Minimised downtime for MAN customers through faster spare parts delivery 
  • Increased dealer efficiency by streamlining the parts delivery process 
  • Enhanced customer service by ensuring MAN’s dealers have the parts they need, right when they need them 

MAN’s commitment to exceptional service could happen thanks to Carousel’s focus on customer-centric solutions, creating a strong foundation for their continued partnership.  

Read more about Carousel’s specialist services.

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