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Jungheinrich de España S.A.U

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Founded in 1953, Jungheinrich is world-leading manufacturer and ranks among the world’s leading solutions providers for the intralogistics sector. With a comprehensive portfolio of material handling equipment, logistics systems and services, Jungheinrich offers its customers tailored solutions for the challenges posed by Industry 4.0.

Jungheinrich de España S.A.U. – the Spanish operation of Hamburg-based Jungheinrich AG – has partnered with Carousel since 2013. Carousel is the company’s sole distribution partner in Spain and is responsible for importing spare parts from Jungheinrich’s European Distribution Centre in Germany and completing the final mile delivery of parts and products to more than 240 engineers across the country.

The background

In 2013, Jungheinrich received parts by air and road from the Jungheinrich EDC (European Distribution Centre) located in the south of Germany (Lahr). It also had a small warehouse in Abrera (Barcelona) where the Spanish headquarters are located.

Carousel Logistics quickly identified that Jungheinrich’s spare parts were being managed via two unconnected flows. One provider oversaw the air line-haul and distribution (including in-boot delivery) in the Madrid and Barcelona areas, while another company was doing standard distribution and pick-ups at the company’s branches.

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The key challenges were:

  • Poor communication flows, with little coordination and virtually no consolidation
  • Parts were not tracked 100% of the time
  • Operations were run regionally and did not factor individual need

Jungheinrich’s aim was to strengthen its market position, as a premium forklift manufacturer, and to differentiate from competitors by upgrading the after-sales division. Its aim was to:

  • Offer a value-added aftermarket service and state-of-the-art delivery service, to gain competitive advantage
  • Improve service levels, to increase technician productivity
  • Consolidate parts flows to reduce administration time

Our approach

Carousel’s bespoke solution, first began with an analysis of customer need, identifying what services would bring the most value to their engineers and support them to meet urgent delivery schedules. Taking this customer-first approach, parts are now delivered close to engineers – no matter their size or shape – to make certain operations are as efficient as possible.

They achieved this by:

  • Offering a variety of flexible final mile options, studying individually every engineer. Solution utilises Carousel’s own network of BY:Night Boot Delivery and Drop-Off-Boxes (DOBs), our >300 Branches (PUDO) and our Premium National Distribution network.
  • Offering more locations for in-boot deliveries. These were extended to include Greater Madrid and Catalonia, Valencia and Zaragoza.
  • Placing Drop-Off-Boxes (DOBs) at petrol stations. These were identified as being a convenient location to meet engineer requirements. DOBs are ideal for remote locations.
  • Pick-ups at Branches all over Spain, with efficient processes on site. This allows engineers to pick-up parts from 8am or at a time that suits.

At the heart of the solution is Carousel’s technology platform which ensures data such as proof of delivery (PODs) are captured in real-time, giving complete visibility and control at every stage. Drivers use PDAs to scan items in and out of drop-off locations, while engineer vans can be located via GPS tracking. By embedding the technology into the existing supply chain, Jungheinrich enjoys a consistent and seamless operation, using just one central platform.

As a complete end-to-end solution, Jungheinrich can also return products and parts from the strategically-located return points, choosing again from a range of flexible options and using the same technology platform used for tracking.

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Key benefits

Overall, Jungheinrich has reported higher customer satisfaction levels and the company has continued to grow rapidly in Spain. Carousel’s added-value solution has delivered huge benefits including:

  • The ability to scale quickly. Since the partnership began in 2013, Shipments have grown from 51,000 to 70,000 per year, with technician numbers increasing from 147 to 240.
  • A range of customer-specific, flexible final mile options. More than 6,000 consignments are delivered by Carousel every month; 55% of which are in-boot
  • Consolidated deliveries. Rather than receiving several parts from different flows, goods are consolidated into one shipment meaning one drop, one rate, one invoice
  • The guarantee of accurate and reliable data. Via Carousel’s service and technology platform, Jungheinrich has a guaranteed flow of information for a consistent and seamless operation.

For the third time in a row Jungheinrich de España S.A.U has come in the top three for aftersales delivery for the whole Jungheinrich Group. Carousel are proud to support Jungheinrich Spain with their operations and to help make this achievement possible.

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