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Critical reverse logistics solution + special handling


Our client is one of the world’s leading tech companies and we are responsible for the movement of defective laptop computers, across the whole of Europe.

The background

With over 40 years’ in the industry, our client is a multinational technology company that develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services.

With a reputation for innovation and design they consistently set the bar for technology products across the globe. The customer relationship is an essential part of their brand and is as much of a brand feature as any of the products that they sell.

That means that the handling of their returns also needed to be customer-focused, meeting their customer’s need, precisely. ​

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Our brief

Our brief was to implement a robust reverse logistics solution for the movement of defective laptop computers requiring lithium batteries to be repaired or replaced.

Products needed to be collected daily from retail stores at an exact time and in a precise way. They then needed to be transported to the client’s repair centres located across Europe – with all collections and returns measured against strict SLAs.

Our approach

Within just a few short days we started executing pick-ups in Spain and Portugal, followed by Switzerland and the Nordics and within less than two weeks, we had incorporated Central and Eastern European countries and the UK.

We now service eighteen countries, moving around 1,600 defective products per week.

As part of the process, we are required to;

  • Bring together the physical parcel with the unique item reference number, correlating back to a master file
  • Collect larger quantities of laptops per day across 24 countries, collating and consolidating shipments to be delivered at set times and dates
  • Follow rigid and personalised booking in and document processing into one of five regional repair centres across Europe.
delivery network
road network

The result

With a robust reverse logistics solution, our client takes what could be a potential liability and turns it into a competitive advantage. With a secure and reliable returns process, Carousel helps our client increase efficiencies and retain customers by upholding its reputation for unrivalled customer service.

Key outcomes:

  • Stable process of dangerous goods flows
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to the quick turnaround of electronics
  • Clear documentation of all parts and flows
  • Simple ordering process, unified for all countries

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