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November 24, 2022

How data measurement is helping to reduce our carbon emissions

DANX Carousel group and Altruistiq partnership to build a greener future together.

Understanding our carbon footprint, and our impact on the environment, is high on the agenda of many sectors, but particularly in the logistics industry. Now, more than ever, organisations need to commit to reviewing practices, address areas that need improving, and critically find effective ways to reduce outputs.

Minimising an organisation’s carbon footprint has increasingly become a mandatory objective for the sector, despite the challenges and transformation required. DANX Carousel group recognises the urgency to act and make the difference sooner rather than later. Our objective is to consistently reduce our CO2 emissions and promote a sustainable culture, whilst retaining our competitive advantage. We believe that building a successful and effective sustainability strategy starts with a granular analysis of current operations.

By analysing barriers and limitations, DANX Carousel is able to identify ‘quick wins’ and best practices, painting a clear picture of our carbon emissions impact. That’s why the role of data, or more precisely data quality, is paramount to our operations.

DANX Carousel’s partnership with Altruistiq was born to facilitate this crucial step. In supporting our strategy by measuring data related to our carbon footprint to create actionable policies and planning, this project will ultimately advance DANX Carousel’s efforts to explore the best solutions towards carbon neutrality.

What ‘carbon footprint’ means

Carbon footprint relates to the total greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions generated by an individual and or via a collective activity needed for the manufacture, use and disposal of products and related services.

Freight transportation makes up 8% of global gas emissions, and this is predicted to double by 2050. DANX Carousel is committed to implement effective innovations toward a greener logistics future. From using vehicle space more efficiently, to adopting low-carbon fuels and modern engines, we are ready to welcome a whole new world of opportunities in support of our vision for more sustainable operations.

To achieve effective change, GHG must be consistently monitored and measured to understand the volumes of pollution produced at a granular level. This requires collecting quality activity data, which will then shape the foundation of a robust strategy broken down into specific, tangible, and quantifiable actions. DANX Carousel has used this approach to help identify potential savings in multiple areas of the organisation, including energy and fuel usage, plus route optimisation.

A shared goal

Climate technology startup Altruistiq focuses on identifying and supporting the progress of sustainability initiatives made by organisations. They do this by offering a SaaS platform that accurately measures and manages corporate impact on the environment.

DANX Carousel’s partnership with Altruistiq began in November 2021; a relationship born from DANX Carousel’s desire to curb carbon emissions and accelerate impact management. Through this partnership, we have had the opportunity to speed up and fine tune DANX Carousel’s sustainability initiatives, while also advancing the DANX Carousel’s ambition of becoming a recognised leader in sustainability within the logistics industry.

DANX Carousel group CEO, Klaus Rud Sejling commented: “We are delighted to have embarked on this partnership with Altruistiq, which is vital in supporting both our and our clients’ sustainability objectives. Many of our clients are true sustainability leaders within their respective industries, so it is critical that we provide the accurate and validated data they need to take measurable action.”

The project so far

By working with the Altruistiq’s model, DANX Carousel has been able to gain an accurate overview of carbon outputs through bespoke reporting on key standards such as Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) metrics.  This provides an extraordinary level of granularity to identify where changes could bring value to both the wider DANX Carousel organisation, and also specifically to our clients.

So far, the analysis of large volumes of trip data (exceeding three million rows in some cases), has been turned into a high-quality carbon inventory to help us land actionable intelligence, establishing GHG baselines. We have achieved some significant outcomes, including:

  • Trip level analysis – Routes are now split specifically into leg segments to provide visibility at granular level. This has helped DANX Carousel understand live emissions challenges, and this data can be now used to tackle and improve operations much more feasibly than by just seeing one collective figure.
  • Better route optimisation – Thanks to the data obtained, route optimisation and vehicle switching models have effectively become core actions of the DANX Carousel’s strategy. At a day-to-day level of detail, it supports us with better delivery planning both with and for our clients.
  • Reduction goals set for real-world deliverability – DANX Carousel is now able to adopt a clearer and matter-of-fact analysis on objectives, to be shared internally and within the industry.
  •  Improved control – We can now accurately track emissions progress, actively establishing targets and implementing reduction initiatives.
  • Enhanced proposition – We have enhanced our service offering to support our clients with their own sustainability targets.
Increased value and benefits for DANX Carousel clients

By leveraging carbon footprint data accurately, DANX Carousel puts its clients first. This new, granular visibility will offer the competitive edge promised with our solutions, including:

  • More advanced modelling of resources.
  • Improved efficiencies, thanks to identifiable carbon hotspots to address.
  • Trackable high-impact, cost-saving opportunities and related ROI.
  • Enhanced transparency and consistency on outbound and inbound operations.
  • Proactive contribution to our clients’ transition to their net zero strategy.
  • Boosted brand credibility and reputation by partnering with DANX Carousel.


Another step forward for DANX Carousel’s mission on sustainability

Our partnership with Altruistiq is just one of many steps we are taking in our search for better practices toward improved sustainability. As part of the DANX Carousel group, we aim to build an effective corporate sustainability strategy that will impact the way we work, and plan for the future and the challenges ahead.

Our mission is to lead by example within the logistics industry, and become the natural choice for existent and new clients, satisfied and fully aligned with our sustainability efforts and achievements. We know there is more work to be done, but this project provides a foundation for future initiatives and projects.

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